Advancement Computers started in 1994 as a friendly, welcoming neighbourhood shop which is source of high quality products with outstanding service for homes and small businesses who used computers for their daily productivity works. From the beginning, we view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, the community, and our environment. With time we grew as a total IT Solution provider to the business organizations designing and implementing complex networks and servers.

Now more than ever as it is crucial for every home and business to have an IT solutions partner who can help them accomplish more of their business and home goals, achieve new efficiencies, and realize cost savings methods every step of the way. Whether your company needs fast access to essential technologies or the support of technical experts for the strategic planning and deployment of solutions, Advancement Computers can help. Our broad range of IT services, functional scope and capabilities offer a single-source for different IT services. With our complete portfolio of hardware and software services, we can help your company at every stage – from planning to implementation to ongoing management.

We are determined to be recognized as the best service provider in our trade area. We strive to grow in capability, size and function in order to continually provide our customers with products and services they need. We provide a competent, friendly and engaging team that works to build long-term relationships with customers. We take pride in treating people in a way that clearly separates us from the self-service philosophies and corporate culture of competing vendors.

Advancement Computers has wealth of experience to develop and deliver Top class IT and Security solutions for your business. Our services are designed to solve actual operational problems faced by businesses in the most cost effective way. As new technologies emerge, our team regularly conducts research and testing to develop new and better solutions. We are focused on delivering value through integrated solutions for data intensive business processes that help enterprises to overcome every challenges they meet. Our expertise in this domain provide a competitive edge to the clients. Advancement computers fulfil your entire business need, from management and support requirements to regular maintenance services to keep your servers, PCs, and network running smoothly. Our teams efforts has resulted in minimizing downtime as well as maximizing productivity. We always look around to find ways to add value to your existing enterprise network by optimizing the existing infrastructure, as well as offer new technologies that solve business problems. Customers have chosen us because of our high standards of service excellence, our focus on their needs as a business, our competitive pricing, and our performance.

Our Vision

“Our passion drives creativity and innovation, creating bold solutions for our clients”

Our Mission

"To become the leading one-stop IT solution provider in Qatar with emphasis on quality, professionalism, reliability, and technological innovation."

Our Team

*Results-driven professional progressive, Experienced career in information technology.

*Repeated success directing IT projects from inception to execution, strategically allocating resources and delegating tasks to achieve on-time, on-budget delivery

*Expertly manage technical support operations, diligently troubleshooting issues to identify root causes and prevent recurrence.

*Process improvement champion with a history of implementing new procedures and technologies to strengthen security posture, enhance operational efficiency, and control costs.