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Salter Enterprises (PVT) Limited are glad to join hands with Advancement Computer Services in promoting this product as our sole Distributor in State of Qatar. We are proud to have associate with a long standing established IT organization that has proven their abilities in the areas of core business in State of Qatar.

HR Management System (HRMS)

We bring the best platform that manages the most important capital in your organization.

The CORE HR platform we position to your organization will bring value through convenience of managing the human capital through the entire process flow from the time of recruitment to resignation/retirement.

We at SALTER understand the importance of managing time of our clients in a competitive world. The functions of the HR platform are selected that best suit to common industry goals but not limited as listed. We have all the resources to customize your requirements to each industry specific or to your need.

Vehicle Information System (VIS)

The Vehicle Information Systems provides you array of information of managing your class of moveable assets most efficiently.

Today’s hustle and bustle world, you may tend to outlook certain information that can be critically important for you such like renewal dates of revenue license and insurance while most importantly about the maintenance of the vehicle on your service and repair.

This single platform provides all information on a dash board that can be well managed most effectively as we at SALTER understand the value of importance of this to our clients.

Agent Data Management (AgeNet)

The highly skilled Agents Network platform manages your entire portfolio of the heart of the organization which is data about your Suppliers / Customers/ Debtors etc.

We understand the importance of information in these sectors that is pivotal to any organization. As the organization grows with the years, the importance of having this information in one platform contributes to you by selecting and reaching to them either individually or as selective group of sharing your business products / requirements / any other which is deemed importance to you.

You can either group your internal data as to segments or priority with a notion of importance to the organization. This will enable you to extract, select from the digital platform at most conveniently.

In the current global village, time and money are most important ingredients that you should manage effectively. Data is the main hub which is the heart to any organization. This platform provides the best value in managing your time and money about your data most effectively


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